{Blondi Beauty} What You Need To Know About Beach Makeup

There’s actually an art to looking beach sexy without appearing overdone. To much makeup can make you look and feel grimy after a day at the beach. The best plan is to adjust your products and technique for a look … Continue reading

{Blondi Beauty} Starting our anti-aging beauty series for all ages

As we age our skin has different needs. I discovered that using different products to target the needs of my skin over the years has really helped to improve the look, feel and texture. Three common problems I have personally … Continue reading

{BLONDi Beauty} 14 Day Miracle Skin Care To Remove Wrinkles

dr grossman 14 day anto aging skin peel

I have been asked many times for my skin care tips since those of you who know me well know that I’m scared of Botox and anything that involves needles in my face. Yet over the years I’ve been able … Continue reading

{BLONDi APRIL} Spring Dresses and Your Best Body Ever

April is here and that means we will be seeking out the prettiest dresses along with ways to tone those bodies into tip top shape. Spring is such an exciting season and one of the best for shopping with it’s … Continue reading


HELLO SPRING! This is our most exciting time of year. Fabrics arriving every day, photo shoots, fun new beauty products to play with. Blondi Beach is gearing up for an awesome resortwear season filled with sun, fun and fashion. Best … Continue reading

{BLONDi Beauty} How to Get Perfect Beachy Wave Hair

beach, wave, hairstyle, curling tips, beauty

Have you always wondered how they get the swimwear models hair so perfect for pictures? She’s lying on the beach looking sexy and wind blown and her hair is amazing at 5 a.m. Hummm.. But how you say??? It’s easier … Continue reading

{BLONDi HAIRSPIRATION} The Bombshell Ponytail Diaries

TIP 1: Wash and shampoo your hair. Unlike other updoes, a perfect ponytail requires perfectly clean hair. Also, slightly damp hair holds tighter around the side trapping shorter layers in as it dries. Keep some leave in conditioner on hand … Continue reading

Detox with Apple Cider Vinegar

Reposted with permission from http://www.dazzlediaries.com After WEEKS of eating crap and throwing myself off kilter from Holiday binge eating, my body has been craving normalcy! So, I decided to go back to an old staple in order to detox my … Continue reading

Beauty Talk: What Your Girlfriends Don’t Tell You

Why do we have to be so secretive about our favorite beauty tricks? I for one love to share the wealth and always appreciate it when a girlfriend shares something fabulous. My favorite beauty tricks change often especially from season … Continue reading

BLONDi Beauty Review | Neova Smart Skincare

Last month we posted a blog about using sunscreen, a wonderful way to prevent sun damage. But what if you have already experienced a little sun damage? The beauty world of the ‘80s and ‘90s were not so forgiving on … Continue reading

BLONDi BEAUTY | Concealer 101

We have all woken up, rolled out of bed, stumbled to the bathroom mirror only to be HORRIFIED by what we see: red spots, blemishes and dark circles. I guess we shouldn’t have stayed up late trying to finish the … Continue reading

Blondi Beauty: Dr. Shino Bay’s Secrets to Beautiful Skin with Lytera

We have all been there. We have all taken a quick, up close glance at our skin only to find large pores, skin discoloration, and signs of the inevitable: AGING!!!! Bummer. Skin is a funny thing. The largest organ of … Continue reading

The Oil Cleanse Method

We all want healthy, glowing skin. The beauty industry has made a fortune peddling products that make this claim. But sometimes, the answer is sitting right there in your pantry.  Say bye-bye to blackheads and blemishes using this all natural … Continue reading

Trend to Try: Sexy Matte Lips for Fall

We are loving fall trends over here at BLONDi Beachwear! Finding new make up looks to go with our outfits is so much fun! For example, the lovely Luna Halter is such a classic staple piece this upcoming season. What … Continue reading

Understanding Sunscreen Labels

By now you all have read our recent BLONDi post about Weekend Getaways. A little fun in the sun action is often what we crave, especially during the drearier months of the year that are ahead. Here at BLONDi, our … Continue reading