{Blondi Beauty} The Right Brows Can Change Your Face

We had our brows done today by makeup artist Julia. I’m always amazed at how the right makeup artist can transform your face. They always seem to know just what you need and I was enjoying hanging out with the girls at The Edge in Dillard’s Galleria Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

My Mom had them done as well. She’s my biggest cheerleader. Always pushing me to get into the hot seat to try something new. It’s one of her most endearing traits. You just can’t get days like these back so relish every one of them.

How do they look? I noticed that the right color and arch can really transform my face. Since I’m blonde my brows can be a bit to light so Julia recommended a few essentials from the Anastasia Beverly Hills line that not only did the job perfectly but are going to make it fool proof for me to do at home in just a few minutes. The right brow arch not only makes your eyes look brighter but it lifts the whole face in such a natural looking way. People will think you look years younger. It’s a models secret.

Makeup artist Julia from The Edge at Dillard’s for Anastasia

Anastasia Beverly Hills at Dillard’s
Brow stencils / Dipbrow Pomade Taupe / Brow Powder Duo Blonde / Brow Wiz Pencil Ash blonde / Clear Brow Gel / Brow Brush Duo #12 / Brow DualityMAC concealer brush

1) Pick the right stencil for the shape that you want
2) Dip the #12 brush into the Dipbrow Pomade and wipe excess on the back of your hand.
3) Carefully start coloring in the stencil with small strokes
4) Remove stencil and brush gently with spooly side of brush
5) Use brow powder sparingly to create a more feathered natural look and blend with spooly side of brush
6) Complete or fill in the arch with the pencil for finer detail then brush again to blend any areas needed with spooly brush.
7) Clean up under and over arch with the Brow Duality concealer pencil and blend with the concealer brush
8) Finish with brow gel to set

It sounds like a lot of steps for the perfect brow but it really only takes a couple of minutes and it’s totally worth it even if brows, a little mascara and lipstick are all your going to do for daytime. Special thanks to Julia for my new brows, all your tips and my gift.
Xoxo, Blondi

Pictures posted from my instagram @JacquelineJax

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