{BLONDi Beauty} 14 Day Miracle Skin Care To Remove Wrinkles

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I have been asked many times for my skin care tips since those of you who know me well know that I’m scared of Botox and anything that involves needles in my face. Yet over the years I’ve been able to keep my skin looking smooth and fairly free of lines and wrinkles. I’m not crediting any one treatment for the good progress but I do know for sure that this little regiment that I have been using has worked miracles in evening out my skin tone, refining my pores, diminishing fine lines, and giving me a fresh youthful glow.


Dr Grossmans 14 day peel is the key to this months skin glow. I have used this product in the past and remembered that I liked the results then (30 day peel pads) so when they released a stronger version (14 day peel) I gave it a try. The Alpha Beta peel is strengthened with Mandelic Acid and Willow Bark Extract for extra benefits. Plus this kit came with a retinol brightening solution that made a huge difference. I’m currently on day 10 with 4 days left of the treatment and as you can see for yourself, I’m glowing like crazy. Without makeup my skin tone looks so even and little sun spots are disappearing before my eyes. My pores really feel and look cleaner from the exfoliation properties of the treatment and they look smaller and the skin is very smooth. It’s a little miracle facial that I can do at home with no down time or irritation. Another great bonus is that this treatment costs $45, a fraction of what I spend on a facial and with so many more lasting benefits.

Compared to a great facial, my experience is that the benefits of a facial only last for a few days. In addition, my skin really doesn’t stay clean or smooth because a regular facial doesn’t peel the skin like this product. A regular facial will only exfoliate the surface where this peel slowly removes more layers and allows the liquid and moisturizers to penetrate more deeply. Once again, I didn’t see any peeling and I do the treatment at night so when I wake up, my skin just looks glowing and fresh. However, I do recommend you watch your skin carefully after the first use and if there is excessive redness or irritation discontinue it right away, you may be allergic to the ingredient.

I highly suggest you try it for yourself and then let me know how you liked it. I’ve included links below where you can buy the product with free shipping so you can try it. If you don’t like it or it irritates your skin to much, you can always return it even if you have used some of them with no hassles. But like I said, my skin does not feel or look irritated while,using this product. I only get a little tingling and bit of redness on the first 3 days other than that you don’t even know that I’m peeling. The photo I’ve included here (above) is from yesturday morning taken after I used it the night before (day 9 of the peel). I suggest doing the peel every 3 months and using lots of sunscreen and a hat if you go to the beach or pool to protect your baby fresh new skin. Don’t bake in the sun, remember your skin is in peel mode and you could really damage the new layers and cause skin cancer and more sun spots to appear.

My nightly routine:
1) Smooth on organic coconut oil all over my face to remove my makeup. Then use a warm was cloth to remove the oil and makeup from my face. Don’t rub vigorously, just place the cloth over your face and use slow light circular motions to wipe off the makeup. I run the wash cloth under warm water and repeat the process 3 times.
2) Use packet 1 of the peel. Rub the cloth in circular motions over face, neck and chest for 2 minutes until all the liquid is dry from the cloth. You may feel little tingle of sting the first time. That’s the peel going to work. You may also get a little redness the first few days but it goes away.
3) use packet 2 to repeat the step to neutralize the peel.
4) Spread drops of the serum included over all the areas that you peel. Message into your face with finger tips.
5) Wait a few minutes then apply a night cream for a little extra moisture if needed. I use this one because it’s one of my favorites.
Take some vitamin C, green tea or water and have a great nights sleep. Tomorrow you’ll wake up already seeing the difference and by day 15 you’ll have brand new skin.
Next month I’m trying a laser free skin resurfacing product that removes wrinkles around the eyes. I’ve heard it’s better than Botox so be sure to subscribe if you want to see how it turns out. I also will be reviewing self tanners to get you that healthy tan without the sun.


Where to buy with free shipping:

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel 14 Day Challenge, Extra Strength  $49.30 (here)

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel, 30 Count JAR  $78.94 (here)

2 thoughts on “{BLONDi Beauty} 14 Day Miracle Skin Care To Remove Wrinkles

  1. Jackie, I have been looking for something to transform my skin… Looks like I will give this a try. Alpha Hydroxy & retinol do work….I would never do BOTOX, scary and sometimes the result is not what you want…. thank you for this great post!

    • I think you’ll love it. As long as you don’t have an allergy to the product, it works amazingly well. But in my experience, these types of products can make some peoples skin sensitive and should be watched carefully. In the end, if your skin takes well to it, you will be repurchasing it right away because of the miracles it performs. Let me know if you like it.

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