Detox with Apple Cider Vinegar

Reposted with permission from After WEEKS of eating crap and throwing myself off kilter from Holiday binge eating, my body has been craving normalcy! So, I decided to go back to an old staple in order to detox my … Continue reading

BLONDi Beauty Review | Neova Smart Skincare

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BLONDi BEAUTY | Concealer 101

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The Oil Cleanse Method

We all want healthy, glowing skin. The beauty industry has made a fortune peddling products that make this claim. But sometimes, the answer is sitting right there in your pantry.  Say bye-bye to blackheads and blemishes using this all natural … Continue reading

Trend to Try: Sexy Matte Lips for Fall

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Understanding Sunscreen Labels

By now you all have read our recent BLONDi post about Weekend Getaways. A little fun in the sun action is often what we crave, especially during the drearier months of the year that are ahead. Here at BLONDi, our … Continue reading