Blondi_beach_March_2014_covHELLO SPRING! This is our most exciting time of year. Fabrics arriving every day, photo shoots, fun new beauty products to play with. Blondi Beach is gearing up for an awesome resortwear season filled with sun, fun and fashion. Best of all, we are so glad you’ll be with us for the celebration.

What’s Up This Month:

~ BLONDi Beauty: discover the best ways to get your glow on.. from scrubs and moisturizers to self tanners and body oils.
~ BLONDi Workouts: Get your body in shape with great new workouts for spring
~ Check out the best new resortwear trends with fresh ways to wear them
~ Refreshing spring recipes for outdoor adventures
~ How to choose the best swimsuits for your shape

I hope you’ll subscribe to our blog this month and enjoy the posts.

Follow us on Twitter or Instagram I’ll be scooping a few surprises along the way with outfits to inspire you, beauty tips and a few unique elements of style that may excite you. I hope you have a loving February filled with memory making times. Live spherically!


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