Beauty Talk: What Your Girlfriends Don’t Tell You

Jacqueline_jax_sundressWhy do we have to be so secretive about our favorite beauty tricks? I for one love to share the wealth and always appreciate it when a girlfriend shares something fabulous. My favorite beauty tricks change often especially from season to season but there are a few tips that I find myself depending on and keeping in mind as my beauty routine changes up during the year.

1) Alternate your moisturizers: moisturizers aren’t all equal and depending on the time of year, you skin will require and react to different things. In winter, I feel like my skin needs deep moisture in the evening (Elizabeth Arden Good Night’s Sleep Restoring Cream Facial Night Treatments) and a protecting but hydrating cream during the day. And in the summer, a lighter serum is all I need. But don’t forget the sunscreen. Here’s what I’m using now. (Elizabeth Arden skin refining kit)

2) Foundation: I never use the same foundation month after month. First I always buy fresh because it changes colors as it oxidizes and older foundation sometimes will look to pink on your skin once it’s been sitting in the bottle for a while. And second I find that my skin changes and reacts to different foundations depending upon what I eat, how hydrated I am and the amount of oil it produces. Here’s what I’m using these days: Chanel Vitalumiere

bigstock-Woman-Applying-Concealer-41354103) Concealer: I never go without concealer. I use foundation lightly brushed over my eyes then pat a lighter yellow base concealer on my lids, under my eyes, on my nostrils, above and below my lip. This is my favorite concealer: MAC Select Cover Up NW25

4) Primers: yes, primers can be life savers. Although I don’t use primer all the time, sometimes a primer or serum really helps keep your makeup from sliding. I typically use one in the summer time and find that I just don’t need one in winter. The last time I purchased primer I tried out 5 different ones before finally committing to the purchase. Here’s my last favorite find: Smash Box Photo Finish Foundation Primer Oil Free

Black_drape_halter_top_35) Colored Hair: Don’t wash your hair daily. Unless your working out intensely, try not to shampoo your hair daily. It will definitely fade your color and dry out your hair. Instead wash every few days, let it air dry and find a style that you can work with right out of bed. Experiment with dry shampoos (Fekkai Au Naturel Dry Shampoo) to control oil and protect your hair from heat styling tools with products like Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray By JOHN FRIEDA.

6) Nails: Use a base coat to hold your nail color on longer and protect your nails from staining. I love Orly Nail bonder Because it acts like a silicone base that grabs polish. I still have to paint weekly but I love changing my color often and I work with my hands every hour so 1 week is pretty good for me. If you can let them breath in between polishes with a little cuticle oil and moisturizer for a night.

20130630-010014.jpg7) Skin Care: everyone’s skin is different so you have to experiment and do what works for you but my skin needs to be exfoliated and masked bi-weekly. I use a lot of natural home made recipes like coconut oil to take off my makeup and a scrub made from brown sugar, lemon, and organic honey. For masks I alternate with hydrating masks one day, then a pore cleansing mask later in the week. Sometimes I’ll even use egg white to tighten pores and then do an egg yolk wash to hydrate. Don’t forget to rinse. Here are some awesome masks you may love.. Elizabeth Arden Deep Cleansing Mask Facial Masks / Elizabeth Arden Hydrating Mask / Neova Photo Damage treatment

blondibeach workout yoga8) Body: did you know that you can maintain an awesome shape for only 6 minutes a day? It really works, I do 30 minutes or more of cardio once a week but basically I shape my legs, butt, abs and arms with quick moves I learn from workout videos. Here’s a few of my favorites for you to try. Blondi Workouts

sexy-legs9) Perfect Legs: have you ever noticed that some woman have beautiful looking legs? If your a skirt lover then you’ll certainly want to try this awesome trick for beautiful airbrushed legs. The secret lies in exfoliation, a great self tanner and leg makeup. You won’t want to live without this fab find. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Tan/Bronze

Organic veggie10) Hydrate from the inside out: for a healthy glow, you have to look after your body from the inside. I have found that organic veggies, low sugar snacks like apples and berries and vitamin C keep my looking great and feeling great. Processed sugar actually makes my skin look dull and dehydrated so I keep it to a minimum. I drink tons of water and enjoy a cranberry juice mixed with water and pedialite at least once a week, especially if I’m having cocktails that weekend.

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