Trend to Try: Sexy Matte Lips for Fall

lunaWe are loving fall trends over here at BLONDi Beachwear! Finding new make up looks to go with our outfits is so much fun! For example, the lovely Luna Halter is such a classic staple piece this upcoming season. What better to go with a classic look than the classic matte lipstick trend! It has a retro feel, but remains modern and fresh. This is a great transitional make up item to grab hold of as you start to swing your look from summer into fall, and matte lips were all over the runway during fashion week. These lipsticks are not the easiest to work with, though. They can accentuate lip flaws, bleed on to the skin, and be a pain to figure out. No worries! From the runway straight to your inbox we are giving you tips on how to perfect this classic come back.

6 Tips for Matte Lips

1. Exfoliate

Before you throw on your favorite shade of red, be sure to exfoliate your lips to remove any dull, dry flakes. This will give the lipstick a smooth canvas to stick to.

2. Moisturize

Because the formulation of a good matte lipstick can be drying, be sure to prime your lips and apply your moisture in the form of a lip balm before you apply the lipstick.

3. Lip Liner

Lipstick should stay on your lips and not migrate to your face. To prevent the bleeding of lipstick, use a good lip liner. Not only does this help to define your lips, but it will also act as a barrier and keep your lipstick in place.

4. Lip Brush or Your Fingers

If you are new to the bold lipstick look it can be intimidating to take the lipstick and apply it straight from the bullet. If that is the case, then just use a lip brush to paint the lipstick on. You can even try dotting some color on with your finger to create a stained effect. This allows you the opportunity to play with the amount of lipstick you wear. A sheer wash for day can easily transition into a deeper, bolder color for evening when you use the right tools.

5. Use Concealer to fix mistakes and create a defined lip

To further define the lips grab a concealer and  concealer brush to outline the outside of your lips. This fixes mistakes and really accentuates the lip shape for a beautiful pout.

6. Teeth Check!

Make sure to blot the inner rim of your mouth with a tissue or your fingers to remove any lipstick. This will prevent lipstick getting on your teeth.

To see these tips demonstrated be sure to check out Tracy’s video here

There it is ladies. Hopefully those tips will help you create the matte look for the season.




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