DIY Front Row Hair Braiding Tutorial

blondi beauty Jacqueline jax skin careI’m always in search of hair styles that will get my hair under control for those unruly hair days. First I start with a little bit of natural leave-in conditioner like Nature’s organic coconut oil or 10 Leave-in conditioner with Keratin. Rubbing it in from the ends first, a little goes a long way, I make natural part. Then I look for a great front braid that will frame my face while getting all those little layers out of my way for a long day at work. I really liked this tutorial that Amber posted on her YouTube channel. It’s a fantastic style that both frames your face and will work for shoulder to longer locks, even layers. Xo, Blondi

First section the hair pinning back a layer to lay over the pulled strands later.

Start braiding from the top using very small strands so you can control the hair. Braid forward and stay close to the hairline. Once you’ve reached your temple, you can start grabbing larger strands. Amber recommends pulling the braid tight and loosening it later.

Once your finished, loosen your braid carefully and repeat on the other side.

Let down both sections you originally pinned back out of the way and arrange the strands. Anti-static hairspray helps to control the rest and keep things in place.

For a different look, pin back both tails with your favorite Barrett or a rubber band and your ready to go. Beautiful!

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