{BLONDi Style} At the April Cover Shoot with Jacqueline Jax

AT THE COVER SHOOT WITH JACQUELINE JAX: It’s a beautiful time of year in Florida. The sun is shining every day, a cool ocean scented breeze swirls around you and birds sing their pretty little melody from the high palm … Continue reading

Cannes By The Sea by Blondi Beachwear

With the Cannes film festival barely a memory, I couldn’t help but get inspired by the relaxed and carefree feel of the people and the lifestyle. Thoughts of sipping white wine with a table full of friends overlooking the vast … Continue reading

A Sweet Escape by Blondi Beachwear

Hello Ladies, Who doesn’t dream of sweet escapes with no phones, no television, no busy streets… just a romantic stretch of beach, clear blue sky’s and a weekend where RELAX is the only word in your vocabulary. Dreaming of places … Continue reading