Foods To Avoid If You Need To Loose Weight

Loosing weight can br tricky. Just when you think some foods don’t matter, they can actually stop your body from shedding those extra pounds. Here are a few foods that will actually prevent you from loosing weight. 

1. Any Snack That Only Contains Carbs

Sounds like a no brainier, I know but when you eat crackers, dry cereal, bread, or rice cakes alone, your body converts the carbs to simple sugars, and sends it directly into your blood stream. As a result, your body produces extra insulin, to absorb the sugar more quickly. In the end, you end up with low blood sugar and extreme hunger. 

2. Frozen Meals

Frozen meals contain tons of sodium. It’s used to preserve the food. Sodium bloats you up and makes you retain a ton of water. It’s best to eat fresh small balanced meals.  Frozen vegetables are fine but only if they have no sauce.

3. High-Fiber Snack Bars

Don’t eat large amounts of fiber in one meal. Fiber is important in your diet but you should have it consistently throughout the day. 

4. “Low-Fat” Foods

Low fat foods make you eat more. Low fat foods typically have more sugar and salt in them to make them taste better. If you must have things like sour cream, milk and cheese go for the ones that have less foreign ingredients.

5. Juice

When you eat fruit, you get the fiber that fills you up and balances out the sugar but drinking juice is just straight calories. Plus the sugar in the juice spikes your blood sugar. 

6. Artificially Sweetened Drinks

Stay away from soda. Especially diet sodas as they cause bloating and cellulite. Sodas make you crave sugars and carbs which just makes staying focused so much more difficult. 
7.  Value-Size Boxed snacks

Anything that’s super-sized encourages you to eat more and contains massive amounts of sugar and salt. It’s always best to buy fresh and make your calories count. Some snacks that really work out for me when I’m trying to eat healthy and loose weight are: organic celery, almond butter 1 teaspoon serving, and organic blueberries.

8. Alcohol

You just can’t loose weight when you drink. There’s nothing but empty calories in drinks, especially ones made with fruit juices and syrups. Beer makes you bloated and wine has tons of sugar. It’s just not a smart idea. 

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