{Blondi Style} A South Florida Girls Guide to Coastal Fashion

Blondi_beachwear_Blossom_HaJacqueline Jax blondi beauty anto aging skin careBeing a South Florida girl, I have come to love balmy winters, forever green palm trees and breezy beach Sundays. Coastal living is incredible and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It can be a little tricky however to maintain a fashionable wardrobe while staying comfortably cool. Since my coastal living environment provides me with daily inspiration, I have created my collection with two things in mind. Fit and Fabric: elegant silhouettes to accent a woman’s shape and amazing fabrics that are soft, stretchy, washable, and move with your body. These are most important factors to consider if you want to look gorgeous all year in a warm tropical climate.

Another element I love to play with is color. In the evening, black will work provided that the fabrics are light but color is so full of life. And if you have the opportunity why not live your life in beautiful uplifting prints and solids. Colors can do wonders for your skin tone and show off that beautiful tan. Some of my favorites are more choices like raspberry pinks, brilliant turquoise and poppy red. Prints that are the easiest to wear are typically neutral or pastel watercolor shades like powder blue, pastel pink, sage green or even a creamy yellow. And lets not forget the wardrobe staples: white, cream, tan, taupe and grey.

To help you get some inspiration for your wardrobe I put together a few outfits from my collection that I’m sure you will love as much as I do. If you live in a tropical climate then I’m sure you will relate to how incredibly perfect they are for your beach front lifestyle and if your planning a trip or vacation, you’ll know where to come to shop for your wardrobe.

Jacqueline Jax
Designer BlondiBeachwear.com

This outfit is perfect for casual relaxed weekends and tropical vacations.

Blossom_Halter_skirt_9TOP: Green blossom floral print wrapping halter top : shop now

  • Silhouette with adjustable tie neck
  • Wrapping kimono style waist
  • Fully lined stretch washable fabric

Blossom_Halter_skirt9SKIRT: Green blossom floral print casual skirt: shop skirt

  • Slim flat elastic waistband easy to fit
  • Flat elastic waist band for an easy comfortable fit
  • Style hides figure flaws
  • Fits true to fit. Does not run small. Made in The USA
  • Perfect skirt for vacations and casual relaxed weekend
  • Length approx 39″

Blossom_Halter_skirtCOMMENTS FROM YOU:

2 thoughts on “{Blondi Style} A South Florida Girls Guide to Coastal Fashion

  1. I’m inclined to believe that any outfit that the lady wears, regardless of the season; will indeed look just beautiful on you. YEAH, since you’re already a Beautiful Woman. It’s very refreshing to contemplate someone so hard working, good girl. Congrats and as usual cool designs. Woof woof = Keep up the good stuff coming. Big Ahuuuuuuuu for YOU

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