Our 2015 Blondi Beach New Years Resolutions

Blondi_beachwear_skirt_fashion_lookbook.JPGJacqueline Jax logo photoFirst let me say thank you for supporting Blondi Beach with your “likes”, “Shares” and “Subscriptions”.. We have enjoyed growing with you this year through our posts on fitness goals, beauty, designs, and fun travel. It’s been so exciting getting to know all of you and learning what we all have in common. Maybe we are on the same page with some of our new year resolutions as well. Let’s see…

Jacqueline Jax – Fashion Designer

I feel like 2015 will bring new adventures for all of us. I for one am planning to explore some exotic beaches with my Blondi Beachwear. I’ll be sharing my favorite spots right here and I hope you’ll tell me your favorites as well via Instagram@BlondIbeachwear or Facebook/BlondiBeachwear

Eating right is always on my list however this year I’m determined to eat more salads, low fat proteins and foods lower in carbs but high in vitamins and minerals. The big goal is to experiment with some healthy new recipes to increase my energy level and improve my waistline. Of coarse I’ll be sharing those amazing recipes here with you and also on instagram and facebook. Can’t wait to get started!!!! How’s tomorrow???


What would new years be without a fitness goal? Let’s just say that the gym will definitely be in my daily routine. Just before Christmas I started adding yoga and free weights to my workouts to shake up the week a little and have loved it. I hope you’ll hang in there with me and make Blondi Beach your motivational zone for awesome targeting quick workouts.


This last year I have discovered the need for chill time and will definitely be taking some rest and relaxation time by the pool in my Blondi Beachwear.

Well, that’s what I have so far!  I’m sure I’ll be adding to my list soon. Anything I missed that’s on your resolution list?

A big shoutout to all my Blondi Girls who keep inspiring me to”Live a life I Love!
Want to see the new collection? I’m adding designs every day. www.Blondibeachwear.com


xoxox, BLONDi

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