{BLONDi Workout} The Healing Power of Yoga


A restorative yoga practice can help you rest, reflect, and refresh. Yoga has been long renowned for its healing effects on the body with just 5-20 minutes a day. Of coarse you can always do more and there are some of us who will want to take their yoga practice to the next level but my main reason for introducing you to this form of exercise and encouraging you to try it is for your health. Yoga will improve your body, your mind and your health. 

I searched around to find a few great videos that will get you started. This video is a great level 1 intro to yoga. It will get you moving and embracing the method. If you find that you enjoy it, come on my journey with me by following the blog. I’ll be sharing more articles on my experience that will help you as well. Enjoy. Xoxo, BLONdi 

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