{BLONDi November} Don’t Skirt Around This Issue

november blondi beach cover

We are so excited about November because our skirt line starts to get infused with new styles in all colors and lengths. Be sure to check the web site every day as we release the cutest skirts in all lengths and combinations. These wonderful styles will quickly become your wardrobe essentials.

(on cover) White drape halter and mini skirt set under $100 with free shipping (shop here)


– BLONDi Style: Resortwear Looks for your next cruise

– BLONDi Style:  Get on the Best Dressed list with outfits for all your events.

– BLONDi Beauty – Fool proof makeup tips for looking fresh all day

– BLONDi Health: Fresh & Quick Low Calorie Seasonal Recipes

– BLONDi Fitness: Yoga-size your workouts for the best body of your life

Don’t miss these topics and so much more fun BLONDi Beach fun… Including Giveaways.. Subscribe Now!


– Fitted Modern Black Stretch Lycra Body Contouring Formal Cocktail Party Event Dress 

–  Made To Order Custom Couture Ladies White Stretch Embroidered Lace Top and Skirt Set 

 Custom Couture Stretch Lycra Midi Skirt 

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