{Blondi Workout} Improving Your Flexibility with Yoga Meditation

Improving your flexibility is a life long journey. From the first day you practice these life changing exercises you will see immediate improvement in your posture and feelings of well being. I recommend doing them daily but it’s a personal preference. Just be sure to take time out for yourself at least 3 times a week to enjoy the meditation that comes along with this kind of movement. Enjoy.

Candlelight Yoga for Relaxation & Meditation | BeFiT Beginners Yoga with Kino MacGregor is a calming, 12-minute Yoga meditation routine that is designed steady your mind and focus on the inner sensations of the body to relieve anxiety, bring awareness, and promote inner peace through a unique combination of soothing meditative exercises, traditional poses and passive stretches that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Elongate the spine, focus your breathing and become the object of your attention with World-Renowned International Yoga Instructor, Author, Producer, and founder of Miami Life Center, Kino MacGregor as she guides you through this spiritual journey to harmony and happiness. Learn key moves to release tension in the lower back, open the hips, strengthen the core, improve posture, and engage all of the muscles of the abs, legs, arms, shoulders, chest, back, and buns with this effective healing routine from the exciting new “BeFiT Beginners Yoga” Series, exclusively on BeFiT! Boost your energy and enhance your total happiness as you open the door to a sharper mind and a more peaceful & healthy life through the gift of Yoga. You will need a Yoga Mat, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this workout that is perfect for all fitness levels. Re-shape the body, quiet the mind and restore balance as you grow stronger each day with this true Yoga Expert, right from the comfort of your own home.

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