{BLONDi October} At The Cover Shoot


October is all about Fashion drama at Blondi Beachwear. As we gear up for a fresh new Fall cruise season, the designs get a sexier edge with all the transitional flavors of the winter months. Let’s not forget that soon woman all over the globe will be spreading their wings to fly south for the winter and we want them to be looking sexy in their BLONDi favorites.


Fashion Designer and model Jacqueline Jax: I wanted this cover to reflect the style of the sexy new collection we have coming out yet with that personal touch. Instead of heading outdoors or designing some dramatic backdrop, we decided to shoot in my studio where I love to spend my creative time. This white couch has been my comfort zone for years where I have designed many beautiful things and spend afternoons with girlfriends having tea or curled up with a stack of Magazines cutting out styling inspiration. I love having lot of flowers and color around me but basically white furniture pieces are my favorite because they are so clean and always look fresh. On the wall I arranged the latest Art work I’ve received from my friend in Seattle, Architect and Artist Milan Heger. He’s such a multi-talented person, his work inspires me. (Visit his online art store) We have already started to launch pieces from the new collection her on BLONDi Beach and also on my Fashion Blog, JaxCouture.com if you want to check out the latest.


Sexy stretch separates that make you feel fabulous with built in support to smooth out those figure flaws. Skirts that make you look and feel 10 pounds thinner and first date worthy tops that will make your ex crazy. BLONDi Beachwear also has some amazing surprises ahead that you will adore. Don’t miss all the new designs arriving every week!


– BLONDi Style: Sexy First Date Fashion that will drive him crazy

– BLONDi Style: Made to Order sensational skirts for all figure types

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– BLONDi Health: Fresh & Quick Low Calorie Seasonal Recipes

– BLONDi Fitness: Quick Moves to make you more flexible

Don’t miss these topics and so much more fun BLONDi Beach fun… Including Giveaways.. Subscribe Now!


– Fitted Modern Black Stretch Lycra Body Contouring Formal Cocktail Party Event Dress 

–  Made To Order Custom Couture Ladies White Stretch Embroidered Lace Top and Skirt Set 

 Custom Couture Stretch Lycra Midi Skirt 

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