Inspiration: You Yourself Must Strive For Life

buddha_life_inspirationWe think that our life happens to us but realistically it is a result of our energy. We get back what we put out into the universe so think positive and praise yourself as well as those around you every day. By sending those wonderful vibrations out into the atmosphere around you, your life will be elevated to a new level. If like attracts like then doesn’t it make sense to surround yourself with good to attract more of that goodness your way.

I recently was around someone who had very negative energy. I lost myself in that energy and it made me feel tired and depressed. I had forgotten that if I live everyday with those positive feelings of gratitude- enjoying each day as it comes and feeling thankful for all the blessings that I have been given, then I would continue to receive those blessings. Once I stopped going around that person and started thinking only of all that I was thankful for, my body began to feel it’s own energy again and my world was brighter.

Buddahs only point the way… You yourself must strive. 🙂

xoxo, BLONDi

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