{September} At The Cover Shoot with Jacqueline Jax


It’s difficult to describe. The day was long, I was tired and worries about my personal life were occupying my every thought. Sitting in the hair and makeup chair I needed a little “Shake it off” by Taylor Swift to blow the dusty colored thoughts out of my mind and get into a better lighter zone. Two minutes into the song, everyone in the room was singing Shake it off and twerking some part of their body that wasn’t currently holding a brush, iron or lipstick. It was a funny scene. By three and half minutes, I was smiling and totally in the room again ready to get the job done and take in the experience. Just goes to show you that no matter what’s happening in your life, a little 3 minute song can alter your life and change your destiny. – Jax

The Theme
We were shooting pictures for the new logo banners for my internet radio show www.Avaliveradio.com . The inspiration for the shoot came from a guess add I clipped from a magazine and we choose this British mural background, that I actually have hanging over my bed now to capture the spirit our new international segments. Starting this month I’ll be doing some fun new artists series interviews beginning with the British Invasion and moving through artists of different countries. The artists will be categorized so you can browse sections by country to enjoy all the upcoming series. It’s going to be a really fun experience for me focusing on the artists from each part of the world individually. This way I can focus in on getting to know more about the culture, the fashion as well as the artist and the world they live in. Subscribe to tune into the shows: www.AvALiveRadio.com

Behind the scenes photoshoot video- Check it out!

Photos taken by Galia with Canon 50D
Video taken with iPod 5th generation touch and the magico app was used to produce the video.Jacqueline_Jax_AVA_Photoshoot_style7.jpg




2 thoughts on “{September} At The Cover Shoot with Jacqueline Jax

  1.    Looking good honey, I love the photos,  Sometimes I get exhausted thinking about my personal struggles. Everyone has them honey! Hang In and keep going!  With love & blessings Terry Ruvo

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