{BLONDi Style} Beaded Blue Print Peasant Blouse with White Pants


There are those days when you just want to be comfortable and feel relaxed in your clothes. Actually for me, it’s a daily priority so I tend to focus on designing an easy style verses more constricting silhouettes. Tops made of sheer silks and bottoms in stretch jerseys are perfect for the warm weather in Florida. Today I’m pairing our newest silk print peasant blouse with a pair of stretch jersey pants. I’m addicted to white pants because they look so sharp with just about any color. It’s especially important when styling a print top for balance. Let me remind you that white pants can be tricky. It’s all in the fabric. If they are to sheer then the top has to be longer. If it’s a heavier fabric like relaxed denim then try not to pick boxy tops because it will only add pounds and make your look old fashioned. I prefer fitted pants with blouses and fitted tees or tops. My shape is curvy so a sleeker silhouette just looks better. If I gain a little weight I can always add a tunic length and problem solved. The blouse has this beautiful beaded detail at the neckline and these full 3/4 sleeves with elastic to hold the style. Sometimes it’s the little details that make a casual outfit look unique and shape. My shoes are by …. Insanely comfortable, since they are so versatile and have padded soles, I bought them in 3 colors. I could walk all day in these shoes. How do you like the look?

Shop this blouse: http://www.ebay.com/itm/141380441963

Other items: Michelle watch, silver bracelets (gift), sunglasses Michael Kors
Beauty: MAC Confident Lipstick, Lipglass, shadow liner, nails revlon gel polish






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