{BLONDi Beach City Spot} Lunch at Basilic Vietnamese Grill Fort Lauderdale Florida


Lunch at the Basilic Vietnamese Grill Fort Lauderdale Florida

My Mom and I had lunch today in Lauderdale by the sea at the Basilic Vietnamese Grill. We enjoyed the sunshine in the court yard and then ate some delicious food. It was a terrific experience and we enjoyed the day.

Chicken Pho soup has become one of my favorites. I love the way they serve the dishes with sides of spice and fresh herbs. I’m told that it takes them all day to make the broth. The flavors are savory yet not salty with large slices of chicken, bean sprouts, fresh basil and rice noodles.

The spring rolls are extremely fresh and filled with veggies. We ordered the beef but they also make them with shrimp and chicken. Served with a peanut sauce this dish will definitely keep me going back for more. I’m actually getting hungry again just looking at the pictures.

My Mom tried the chicken curry and she lived it. I have to say that trying it myself, I was excited to discover a fantastic curry recipe. Many places make it to oily or even gritty but Basilic has mastered their curry. Next time I’m trying the curry dish with sweet potatoes.



The interior is very clean with lots of light. A great casual decor with charm, comfortable seating and friendly service. I was also told that 3 brothers own the restaurant and opened a location in Boca Raton with plans for Delray Beach next.
The cost is only about $20 per person before tip which I think is very low for a sit down lunch and the value is definitely there. Neither one of us could finish our meals so we each had another serving to bring home. There’s not a ton of parking however, since it was lunch during the week I never have trouble finding a spot near by.

Over all this charming little restaurant is amazing and I recommend it highly for lunch or diner. It’s walking distance from the beach and commercial pier where they have street parties and music on weekends. The whole area has been updated with tree lined streets and new walk ways. Definitely visit Lauderdale by the Sea next time your in town. I think you’ll really enjoy it.
Xoxo, BLoNdI


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