{Blondi Style} Behind The Scenes of a Fashion Photo Shoot

We had an incredible photo shoot yesterday to feature some of our newest designs about to launch online at http://www.BlondiBeachwear.com . I love the white lace dress. Here’s a peek at the gorgeous lace style, your getting the first glimpse at it.


The photographer played with some creative lighting techniques and filters to add shadows. I really like the drama is added to the look, I also look incredibly tan. Wish I could walk around with the filter over my face all day long. LoL.


Photo taken with Canon 50D.


Valentine was on set with me just lounging around but sometimes he comes over to let me know that it’s almost time to go. This is his face by the 3 rd hour of shooting.

20140725-020020-7220370.jpgThis set was one of my favorites. I loved the contrast of all the summer bouquets around me.


Taking a break from shooting with my favorite juice. It’s Swedish. Yummy.



We actually shot a lot of different outfits and swimsuits for the web site. I can’t wait to show you all the new goodies. We’ll be releasing them one at a time on this blog with links to the product pages so be sure your subscribed, you don’t want to miss the launches. Extra photos that you won’t see anywhere else will also be featured on Instagram/Blondibeachwear and Instagram/JacquelineJax


And finally time off to relax with my puppy and a nice movie. A cup of tea sounds good about now.
That’s all the behind the scenes preview picks I have for you today, but don’t miss us on Instagram as I’ll share some for you there as well.
Xoxo, BLONDi

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