Ideas for Decorating with Your Beach Hat Collection

Have you run out of space to store those awesome beach hats that you just had to have? If your like me and you just can’t seem to say no to the idea of long weekends relaxing on the beach, then you most likely have gathered a rather large collection of beach hats. These ultimate beach bum accessories tend to be more of an impulse purchase that quickly becomes an addiction. Once you buy one and use it, you’ll start to hear those beach beauties calling your name every time your within a 1 mile radius. I have to admit that I have even purchased a beach hat while waiting for checkout at the drug store. LoL. Yes they sell them at drug stores in Florida. They are right next to the “I’m in Florida” post cards. ;0)

So now that we have amassed such a magnificent collection, what do we do? I have tried to use hat boxes, multiple hat stacks above my closet, even several under bed ideas. Ultimately, the larger they are, the more they suck up my valuable closet space. This week I took to the Internet to discover interesting ways to use them in beach style decor. I loved the ideas so much that I just had to share them with you. After all what’s a beach blog without some fun beach decor with tons of imagination. Xoxox, BLONDi




Having #fun with the #outdoor#living spaces with a rather large collection of #beach#hats .. If you have guests, there’s certainly one for everyone.



Forget about the Christmas tree, I like this #beach#hat#tree so much better.


Do you think the it would be fun to have everyone come to diner wearing a #beach#hat?



An arrangement of #beach#hats makes for a very welcoming entry way.


These beauties would never fit in your closet. Instead display them over a comfy #beach lounger on your #patio


An interesting way to frame your mirror.


If you tend to collect items of similar textures and color, neat groupings may be appealing to you.


The bravest way to use your #beach#hat collection to #decorate . If you not really tall, be careful on your way down the stairs. Reaching one of these could be dangerous.


One of my favorite ideas for storing my #collection of #beach#hats. A simple beach wood hat wall mount fits perfectly over the bed, a doorway or in a hall. Defiantly the easiest and most functional.


Hope you enjoyed the photo’s and ideas.

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