{BLONDi STyle} Classic Swimwear Styles For Curvy Figures

Curvy Large Bust Swimwear Guide Blondi Beachwear
It’s that time again but not to worry I have a terrific swimwear guide ready to help your curvy figure find a bikini that’s just right for you. No need to hide under a one piece swimsuit, check out my style rules for masking those figure flaws and ample bust sizes.

Rule #1: Solid colors tend to show everything with the exception of black so I recommend going with a bold print. Prints liven up the skin tone and mask figure flaws in a major way.

Hawaiian_contour - Version 2Rule #2: Look for a top that works with your shape, not against it. If you need lift, try an underwire or halter style top to add extra lift. Also look for added coverage in front so the girls stay in place. (In photo Molokai Contour Bra)

Pink_floral_triangle_editRule #3: If you don’t need support or your not well-endowed on top (and you want to appear bigger), go for a bandeau to create the optical illusion that your boobs are larger than they actually are.

but you have some balancing to do, try a bandeau to make your bust and hips look more balanced. (in photo Pink Beach Bandeau and California Bottom)

Hawaiian_Kauai_print_blk_trikiniRule #4: Unless you have exhibitionist tendencies, if you like to be actively comfortable in your swimwear and your NOT super toned YET, stay away from anything with a shifty string, super lowrise or tiny in the back. (in photo Kauai Floral Trikini with string side bottom)

Haw_gr_halterbra_standardABODY TYPE:: An hourglass figure
Your figure type calls for a suit that complements curves while keeping assets firmly in place. Try a halter style top that youthfully highlights your assets and highcut bottom to lengthen the legs. (in photo Hawaiian Green Halter Bra with Standard Bottom)

pink+peacock_swimshort_haltBODY TYPE:: Small frame but are busty upstairs
Look for a top that offers fully coverage so you won’t be falling out with a little lift- not to much. And go for a bikini bottom that balances out your figure by creating curves and showing off that adorable rear. (in photo pin peacock trikini halter with swimshort bottom)

black_halter_bra_highwaisted_bottomBODY TYPE:: Busty with a tummy to hide
Until you have time to do those awesome Blondi Workouts I’m always recommending, you’ll need a great tummy controlling bottom that will hide and distract. Try a highwaisted bottom with a high cut leg and a-symmetrical accent that still lies flat against your figure. The best tops for really large bust sizes don’t always need underwire. This halter shape offers ample coverage, while it minimizes a really large bust. It’s all about balance and being comfortable. (in photo Black halter Bra and Highwaisted)


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