{BLONDi Style} At the April Cover Shoot with Jacqueline Jax

Jasmine_print_sundrss_style AT THE COVER SHOOT WITH JACQUELINE JAX:
It’s a beautiful time of year in Florida. The sun is shining every day, a cool ocean scented breeze swirls around you and birds sing their pretty little melody from the high palm trees above. If there was a heavenly time to be here, it’s definitely now. For our April cover, we headed out to a Boutique Hotel on the beach filled with old Hollywood charm (Ocean Manor). For the wardrobe, I choose an easy sundress that exploded with fun Spring colors. I love everything about this dress from the gorgeous floral pattern to its playful flirty skirt. Little details like white piping and a soft scooped neckline mean alot to me. The shoes were styled by Galia, Designer Blondi Beachwear. From an array of colorful choices, what seemed like a stretch at first turned out to be one of the focal points of the outfit. The shoes not only play on the colors in the dress but they add an element of mystery to a spring favorite. Pairing different prints together can be a tricky undertaking but she definitely hit the mark on how to make it work for our cover.

If you don’t wear prints I highly recommend that you do. If not for the uplifting whimsical qualities they have on your spirit then for the figure flaws they so craftily mask. I wear prints for so many wonderful reasons but mostly because colors are exciting and show the fun side to my personality.  (Shop Blondi Beachwear Sundresses Now)

We went a little more bold with color on my makeup this month with a bright coral lip and nail. My eyes are brushed with a pale sheer yellow gold, a single black wet line and mascara. For foundation we used a brush to work the liquid in circles, tapped on a little concealer under the eyes and lightly applied some finishing powder in just a few areas so the natural shine wouldn’t be muted. A light golden bronzer was used on my cheeks for a flush of color.

Our playlist for the day came off of Spotify with an interesting playlist of indie artists doing creative cover versions to the latest top 50 songs. Check out the music below.











Blondi Beach Style Diary Spring Break FashionBlondi_beachwear_300kpink_rose_halter_top_style_

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