{Blondi Travel} Visit Quebec With Joseph Sowka


What did you like about Quebec?
We’ve been there 5-6 times. Half were business trips involving conferences and the others were pure vacation. We have gone in every season, including winter for a white Christmas.

Quebec canada travel
Where did you stay?
We’ve stayed at several hotels including the Hilton (conference hotel and nothing special), Dominion Hotel in lower town, and others, but by far the best hotel experience is the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac. It is the most iconic aspect of Quebec and in virtually every public photo of Quebec. Paul McCartney stays there when he plays Quebec. Good enough for Paul…good enough for me. The hotel feels like home.

Quebec was a military fort and is a walled city. The most iconic parts of Quebec are within the walls (considered upper town). While French is the primary language, everyone speaks English without an accent within the walls.
Further out, it helps to know French. The people are all very nice.

There are nice excursions outside the city to Montmorency falls (higher than Niagara Falls).

Quebec is an easy walking city. Four days will allow you to cover everything.

As for restaurants, we have done best by simply walking to an area and seeing what suited us. Plenty of great restaurants within walking distance of the Chateau. Quebec has a small, easy to use airport about 25 minutes from the city.

Written by Joseph Sowka

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