{BLONDi Style} Five Day’s, Five Looks, One Girl..

Blondi Style Five Looks On GirlThe weather here in Florida has been incredible this year. Day’s of cool breezes with clear sunny skies, orange and pink sunsets melting into dark blue nights bright with stars. I can’t remember a better winter. Hearing about the bitter winter up north from friends, I’m not sure I’ll ever go north to live now. I’ve received alot of questions lately about how to dress for a more transitional climate in winter so I thought I would share a work week of my outfits to give you some casual clothing ideas for temperatures in the 70’s. If you enjoy the post, let me know and I’ll do more outfit posts for you. Keep smiling, Blondi


This morning I headed outside to answer emails and work on my schedule for the week. My favorite sweaters are feather light cashmere’s. I have them in beige, black, grey and cream for an easy top to pair with jeans, dress slacks and skirts. These sweaters are also really versatile for layering because they can be worn over thermal layers for cooler days or worn over tees and camis as well. I’m wearing this V neck today with skinny jeans and some of my favorite silver pieces my Mom gave me from Australia. The necklace was hand beaten by people from an Aboriginal tribe, it’s one of my treasured favorites.Black_knit_top_and_jeans
I spend alot of my mornings before meetings updating the blogs with pictures and fashion articles on my ipad so comfort is a must. This knit collared shirt is a go to for me when I’m working or going out for a casual dinner. I can even dress this up with black slacks and a nice heel but for today it’s stretch leggings in dark blue and silver heart jewelry from Tiffany’s to play off the shirts hardware. My makeup is by MAC and nails in coral from OPI.Little_black_dress_with_sweater

The weather has been way to nice to stay inside. I’ve been making a point to take long walks whenever I can get away with valentine and he’s loving it. Today we stopped by a local park and walked around by the water just enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. I had appointments and meetings all day so I’m wearing a simple black tank dress and cashmere long jacket with this terrific collar. When I choose jackets, I always try to find things that have one interesting extra in the design that’s unusual like a collar, sleeve cuff or tapered back. This sweater jacket also has a belt for nipping in the waist. I paired today’s work look with gold jewelry and my evil eye bracelet. I just got a new one for good luck. Sunglasses from Ralph Lauren. (Dress from BlondiCouture.com)Camo_print_tunic_and_pants
I’ve been working with some new looks for my clothing collection (BlondiBeachwear.com) and experimenting with prints. This tunic dress is actually a coverup style that is in the design process right now. I made a pair of matching pants to play with the head to toe print Spring trend. I love pieces that you can wear for multi-functions. This dress can be worn as a tunic top like you see here or over a swimsuit by the pool on vacation. It’s so comfortable I ended up wearing it all day. When I went on appointments I just added a sweater coat pulling from a neutral color in the print and matched the shoes up to minimize the busy print. Green_sweater_skinny_jeans

I’m always exhausted by the end of the week so comfort is the focus. I paired black jeans with a black wrapping tank under this amazing bright green long shrug sweater. I just let the tails hang but they can be wrapped around me like a mummy if it gets cooler. My shoes are gold goddess like flats with turquoise and green beads on them. Lately going for walks in the sunshine and being closer to nature is my only salvation from my schedule. I can’t say I don’t love the private time because it really helps me think and assess my overall forecast for work and life. Things are looking good so far for 2014 and with a little balance of meditation time for myself, I am re-energized for a successful year filled with new adventures.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more weekly wardrobe insights, like the post and leave me a comment. Have a great day everyone.


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