{BLONDi Style} Spring Break Fling

Blondi Beach Style Diary Spring Break Fashion

I like to take the worry time out of my Spring Break wardrobe by toting along all white pieces I can pair in different ways for tons of weekend ready looks. This shoulder baring tunic is perfect tossed over my swimsuit or worn with a skirt, jeans, even shorts. I’ll also be bring two skirts along with me one short and one a little longer for a change. The best thing about the peaked skirt is that it can also be worn as a strapless dress. My packing is complete with one fabulous bikini and some cool accessories. Now I’m ready to have some fun! xoxo, Blondi

White Tunic Top: $59 (Amazon.com Free ship)
Short Jersey Mini Skirt: $56 (Amazon.com Free ship)
Peaked Skirt: $68 (Amazon.com Free ship)
Halter Bra Swimtop: $62 (BlondiBeachwear.com Free ship)
Lowrise String Side Bikini Bottom: $58 (BlondiBeachwear.com Free ship)

Precious peach is just what you need for Spring Break. This difficult to find shade of coral is warming to any skin tone and rides the trans-seasonal style wave really well. Nail Polish in Resort Fling, Essie, $5.95 Or look at a set of the latest Essie resort polishes $11.00

Christian Dior Chicago 2/S Sunglasses $207 : I’m a sunglass nut. At this point I have a ton of them but I’m always finding new styles that I love to go with different things. Sunglasses really finish off a look and protect your eyes in the process. These Diors are a great investment and aren’t trendy so you’ll be enjoying them for decades.

FitFlop Fleur Slingback Sandal $87: White sandals are a must have essential so when I find good ones, I pick them up any time of year. Since I live in Florida, they never stay in the closet. I really like that about my lifestyle! 🙂

twilight_vacation_resortwear_fashion_collage_thumbPrint_halter_sundresses_Spring_2014February Magazine Swimsuit Cover

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