{BLONDi Style} Every Outfit Is An Opportunity To Be a New Woman

With Fashion your every whim is catered to. Though it you can be anything you aspire to be any day that you choose to be it. So how are you feeling….

I learned to sing and play the piano when I was very young. There is music, art and fashion in every corner of my family. Since then music has always been in my life and I love that it always will be. Creativity needs room to flow so it’s important to be comfortable. i love long jersey skirts and tees for nurturing my creativity. (Here the music @JacquelineJax.com)

Miami changes every time I see it. Over the years I have seen this area transform from being riddled with crime to its most current explosion of color and arts. What was once grungy graffiti lined streets reflecting the previous nights gang war mob signatures has now become a fresh breath of creative energy. I love looking around to see what’s new.. ( View all photo’s here @BlondiBeachCitySpot.com)

8th Annual Leo’s Birthday Party. The party was amazing and we all had so much fun celebrating our birthday’s. (See more photo’s here)

A.V.A Live Radio Features Singer/Songwriter Michael Shivers: I have so much fun doing interviews for A.V.A Live Radio. I get to meet all kinds of artists and interesting people from all over the world. Hearing stories about other people journey’s and perspectives keeps thing real.  (see more photo’s and watch the interview)

Why not let a soft color make a simple statement for work. (see original post @JacquelineJax.com)

Who doesn’t love a black leather jacket? I wear this with everything from black dresses to jeans. When I first met the band Shattered Glass Playground on the set of filming their latest video, I was astonished not only by their cool edgy looks but at how talented they are. My interview with them comes out next week @AVALiveRadio.com .. Hope you don’t miss it, you may want to subscribe so you’ll get the show via email. (Visit the web site)

Lace is not only sexy, it’s feminine. Mix it with other fabrics like silks, stretch jersey and cashmere. (see more lace photo’s here)

There’s nothing like a little black dress with a simple silhouette to make you feel incredibly beautiful. Sophisticated (See all photo’s here)

What’s your day looking like today? Xoxox, BLONDi

All outfits are from BlondiCouture.com


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