{BLONDi Beach City Spot} Sunday at a Florida Farmers Market

Facetune-32Sunday’s are a great time to do things you love and venture out into the world for a day of sunshine and relaxation. It’s a great day to focus on what your body needs. I’ve been on a new eating plan lately that included a detox of all grains, gluten, and potatoes. My diet consists of lots of fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins, nuts, teas and dark chocolate. lol… Actually I’m dropping weight like crazy, my energy is up, and my skin glowing. Who would have guessed that simply excluding these things from my diet would have turned my body around so dramatically. Today I’m dedicating the City Spot to outdoor markets everywhere and encouraging you to visit one on Sunday. I actually enjoy looking around at all the vendors carts and picking out some treasures to enjoy during the week. Today I picked up fresh onions, garlic, coconut, eggplant, tangerines, mango, tomatoes and sweet potatoes. One of my favorite things to make is sliced eggplant stacks baked with fresh tomatoes, sharp cheddar cheese and grilled chicken. It’s awesome. For dessert I typically have some fresh fruit, a cup of tea and dark chocolate. I also posted some of my latest yummy recipe successes here if your interested. I hope you have a great week and enjoy the pictures I shared below. xoxo, BLONDi
Florida Swap Shop Market
A fresh market is a great place to learn about foods you have yet to discover. They have everything imaginable.

Blondi Beach City Spot Florida Market
I love the smell of fresh cut flowers. The market has so many of them that at times it can be overwhelming to choose. I always find inspiration for my designs from the color combinations in the bouquets. What is your favorite flower?

**Locate an outdoor farmers market in Florida (here)

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Blondi_beach_city_spot_Palm_beach_kravis_centerBlondiBeachCity_spot_biltmore_hotelWynwood Miami fashion District City Spot


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