{BLONDi Style Diary} Spring Fashion Inspiration

Blondi Couture Blue Casual TopWHAT SPRING MEANS TO ME:
Spring is that time of year when flowers are blooming with fragrant scents, people smile on the streets and the day’s last longer drenching my soul in sunshine. It’s my favorite time of year. Not only do I do most of my designing this time of year, I find myself exploring and adventuring out into my surroundings. All these things inspire me and give me the energy to create fashion for a life that wants to be savored.

I love designing resortwear because the colors are all so uplifting and the fabrics are very feminine. I work with stretch fabrics that move with a woman’s body and extravagant laces.  Trimmings such exotic beads, glimmering sequins, french lace applica and silky fringe are all over my design studio inspiring my daily thoughts. There is never a day that starts without the excitement to create and I’m lucky for that. What you’ll be seeing in my Spring Journey this year are fluid stretch jersey’s in shapes that will transform your figure: Lounging pants, romantic and playful skirts for all figure types, adorable tops that will make you feel like a goddess, feminine print dresses and swimwear created to mask those little flaws that seem large to each of us. I’m excited for the new season of fashion ahead and even more thrilled that your here to share the journey. xoxo- BLONDi (JacquelineJax.com) Fashion Designer Blondi Beachwear

What are you missing in your wardrobe for spring?

Jacqueline Jax Blondi Couture Spring Clothing
I’m wearing one of my twist tops in blue matte jersey and the stretch jersey pant from my collection at BlondiBeachwear.com

twilight_vacation_resortwear_fashion_collage_thumbbeach, wave, hairstyle, curling tips, beautyPrint_halter_sundresses_Spring_2014

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