{BLONDi Beach City Spot}: Porgy and Bess at the Palm Beach Kravis Center

Kravis_center_palm_beach_jacqueline_jaxVISITING THE KRAVIS CENTER
Culture and the arts have always been a large part of my life. It’s not just the story that I enjoy but the experience. Being surrounded by the energy, creativity and talent is what I love most about these events. This is where I am most at home, this is where I get inspired. If you haven’t visited the Kravis Center in Palm Beach Florida, I highly recommend that you make plans to see a performance soon. (Check their calendar here)

Porgy and bess 2014 Kravis_center_palm_beachPORGY AND BESS
The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess is set in Charleston’s fabled Catfish Row, where the beautiful Bess struggles to break free from her scandalous past, and the only one who can rescue her is the courageous Porgy. Threatened by her formidable former lover Crown, and the seductive enticements of the colorful troublemaker Sporting Life, Porgy and Bess’ relationship evolves into a deep romance that triumphs as one of theater’s most exhilarating love stories.

Kravis_center_palm_beachHISTORY OF THE THEATER
After much struggle with originals plans to build the center in the 50’s, the Kravis Center officially opened it’s doors to an anxiously awaiting community in September of 1992. The Center’s dedication week hosted tens of thousands of patrons for a full week of free performances featuring local arts groups. The design was originally commission by the late Architect, John Volk but was never built due to lack of finances and support. Read more history here.

Did you know that I’m on Instagram and facebook? We posted alot of pictures from the day on them, so I encourage you to check them out.

Also see photos: jaxcouture.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/jax-style-i-dream-in-color/

Kravis_center_palm_beach_2014_stairs_jacqueline_jaxTeal Dress by Blondi Couture (here)
Teal Sweater Ralph Lauren / Bag PUCCi / Shoes Franco Sarto


2 thoughts on “{BLONDi Beach City Spot}: Porgy and Bess at the Palm Beach Kravis Center

    • Isn’t that the truth. My family is heavily into arts and music so I was brought up in the this world of creativity and I now work in very creative fields.. Singing, fashion,writing, radio for new artists… My spare time is spent trying to encourage creation and inspire artists to grow and pursue their dreams in different ways either thru connections, resources or just encouragement. But I love it and have hope that our generations moving forward will take more interest and teach it to their children.

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