Blondi Look For Less: Lace Cocktail Dress

Valentino_lace_dress_look_for_less_costTHE LOOK FOR LESS:
Lace is a beautiful way to look elegant at any cocktail party or event. But elegance doesn’t have to be expensive. I’m back with a look for less to show you where and how to get this runway designer Valentino look at a fabulous price. The Where is Jackie’s Boutique Couture Collection at and the how is written below. Check out my Style Advise.

Finding elegant outfit pairings really has more to do with the elements within any style that you choose. Things like skirt lengths, delicate details, fit and colors can all work together to create a beautiful classic look or messy “wish I hadn’t” pairing. As a rule I stick with monochromatic hues or black and white for cocktail attire. I try to keep design features to a minimum in each outfit to keep things on the delicate side rather than cluttering up my silhouette with to many distractions. Lace is always a great idea for cocktail any time of year as long as the lace is simple and accenting just the right areas for my body shape. As far as length, you have to go with what works for your shape. If you are tall, then you can pull off a longer dress but if your petite then above knee lengths are best. I always recommend altering your lengths. I pin my dresses and take a good look in the mirror before committing to a length. On some dresses, I can do longer pencil lengths and on some designs I need a shorter hemline so you really have to look at the balance of the dress on your body.   Xoxo, Blondi

(On Right : Total $249)
Jacqueline Lace dress $249 (Special offer $179) (Sold here)
On Left: Compared to Valentino $3850

Did you like the look?

little_black_dress_cocktailJanuary Cover Blondi Beach Jacqueline JaxLook_for_less_lady_like_prints

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