BLONDi January At the Cover Shoot- HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January Cover Blondi Beach Jacqueline Jax“HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that 2014 will bring you health and prosperity for your best new year ever. In this New Year forgive mistakes, forget your sorrows, love truly from your heart, and laugh endlessly with nothing held back.” – BLONDi

Our 2014 cover shoot was so much fun. Music from a bunch of my favorite new artists played around the studio (my playlist coming this month) as the dress was getting its finishing touches right up until the first click of the camera. I’m so excited to have this beautiful design in our limited edition collection kicking off this new year. January is a lucky time to launch something new so to celebrate this new year, fabulous new dresses will be arriving every month. The design in the photo is called the “Jacqueline Lace Bandage Dress” and we have also just launched two others today:“Christine” and “Ruby”. Original designs for dress now: The Jacqueline cream and black lace dress)

Don’t you just love new beginnings? While most of us will be making our New Years revolutions some will be opting out of this difficult to stick to task and planning their yearly forcast instead. I’m a fan of noting my goals for the year rather than trying to declare a war on my daily tasks. My monthly planner gets some fresh pages and I blue ink in some milestones with hopes to keep my path clear and inspired. January is exciting and I for one am planning on a fabulous new year.

What are your hopes for 2014?

Follow me on Twitter or Instagram I’ll be scooping a few surprises along the way with outfits to inspire you, beauty tips and a few unique elements of style that may excite you. I hope you have an incredibly happy December filled with memories that will bring in 2014 with luck, health and prosperity. 🙂

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