BLONDi’s Guide To Holiday Entertaining

The invites are important. I love receiving a pretty invite for a party. I prefer the old fashion snail mail kind but a creative digital invite goes along way. It’s still a charming way to reach out to your friends when your planning a get together.

Keep some fun holiday candies and fruits on hand to make your guests cocktails they will not only Instagram, they definitely won’t forget. For this season, I love cranberries, raspberries, candy canes, red and green sugar sprinkles, cinnamon sticks and chocolate sauce.

Lighting is the most important element to creating just the right mood and touch of elegance for your party. Candles are the least expensive and easiest way to pretty up your party without changing to much of your decor. I start with my flower arrangements and line up the tallest candles first then use a ton of tea lights and different shaped candles intermingled among the center.

The table is very important. I prefer to host family style dinners where everyone serves themselves. It’s more fun and better for conversation. My favorite color theme for the holidays is white and silver. I love the look of an all white table. It’s so clean, crisp, and easy. A mix of all white flowers with a sprinkle of glitter always looks chic. It’s always important for the hostess to incorporate some part of her personality into the table decor. Since music is a huge part of my life, I used oversized music sheet photocopies on heavy weight colored paper for place mats to reflect my spirit onto the evening.

My party playlists are a compilation of classic rock mixed with a few newish songs, new music by indie artists from my show on A.V.A Live Radio and a few of my own musical creations. There’s always a little Pop up tempos thrown in there to get the party started. But when it comes to dinner, you never want to listen to dance music while you’re eating, so I try to arrange the music to focus on more indie artist acoustic piano and guitar, classic jazz standards and even some mellow rock so everyone can chill and enjoy the conversation with dinner. Come download and enjoy my playlist for your next party. (here)

Who doesn’t love sweets over the holidays? This is the perfect time of year to go crazy with your dessert table. It’s all about the details so even if your not a baker focus on the presentation. Shot glasses make adorable treat holders, create easy parfait a with water glasses and simple tooth picks hold together everything from layers of marshmallows for dipping to fudgy pieces. And never forget a beautiful platter filled with mini cakes and macaroons is always a hit.

I’m a coffee lover so discovering different ways to enjoy coffee is always of interest. This holiday, I’m going to be serving everything from eggnog coffee and caramel coffee to peppermint mochas. I recommend brewing a huge pot of fresh coffee then keeping the ingredients for a few different creations available for your guests to enjoy. If you really want to go crazy, a little note card recipe or 2 on the coffee bar never hurts for inspiration.

Black cocktail party outfits_blondi beach logoATTIRE
I’m very hands-on and don’t like to worry about spills or stains so I usually stick to darker colors with a little glitter. Black is typically my first choice but a dark blue or red has also been a holiday favorite of mine this time of year. Just in case you need some Holiday style inspiration, I put together a collage of outfits that hopefully will excite you. Happy Holidays!! (Oufits by

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