5 Skirt Essentials For All Occassions

Lookbook_cream_lace_skirtIn this quickly churning world of social feeds, demanding careers, and hearts yearning for a slower pace where life tastes a little sweeter, wouldn’t it be easy to have a few key go to pieces in your wardrobe that you don’t have to think about. Things that fit and flatter when you drape them over your tired body. Things that make you feel cared for and comfortable like in that way that says, I’m here when you need me. I know it’s a lot to ask of one little piece of fabric but in my experience I have discovered that it’s just that right combination of fit and fabric that takes me from feeling insecure and uncertain to confident and rejuvenated. I have spent the week trying on skirts to see what really makes a difference in not only my silhouette but how I feel about myself and here’s what I discovered. (Photo above: Cream lace skirt)
Black Jersey Pencil SkirtPENCIL SKIRT
A terrific pencil skirt definitely leads my list of must have wardrobe essentials. When I put on this skirt I was ready to take on the world. It was just the right length and shape to boost my confidence level day or evening and It’s hands down my new go to skirt to pair with casual tee’s for day time and in the evening I can add a belt and a jacket and I still feel dressed appropriately for just about anywhere my adventurous life leads. Pencil skirts around 21″ are the perfect length and silhouette for work paired with jackets. This one is the perfect length for around woman 5′-5″ – 5′-7″, although it really depends on the length of your upper leg. If your shorter from hip to knee then you may want to shorten the length a touch so that it hits just the right spot. And the fabric is important. I prefer jersey’s for their stretch and the way the fabric holds it’s shape even with lots of wear and multiple washes. A jersey also holds everything in without the need for binding under garments and this skirt has double the support so I can get into double the trouble. (Shop Body Slimming pencil Skirt)

Maxi jersey skirtMAXI SKIRT
Skirts in longer lengths are also a must have for your wardrobe because they look terrific shopping in flats and will take you to a cocktail party or dressy event in a pinch. I noticed that the game here is won or lost in the fabric and flare of the skirt. I recommend keeping a few black jersey skirts on hand in different fabric weights. Lighter weights for warmer afternoons and heavier fabrics for cooler evenings. If your going with a flared shape then obviously fabrics with lighter weight are best. Look for matte jerseys or cashmere blends. Heavier weight skirts in winter may be fitting in velvets or knits but are best in slender silhouettes. I paired my matte jersey Maxi skirt with a wrapping halter top in the same color to create a fluid silhouette for cocktail parties. It’s an elegant look and keeping things monochromatic gives you a slimmer line. For day time, I could throw on a cozy sweater or even a long sleeve black tee and flats to run around shopping or hanging with friends. (Shop Caroline Maxi Skirt)

Sheer lace SkirtsSHEER SKIRTS
Sheer skirts are always fun but they don’t all have to be see thru. I experimented with several looks from ultra-sheer to colored linings and found that for me, it was best to play with textures and keep the skirt lined or at least lined in all the hot spots. In the photos, I’m wearing a lace skirt lined in black jersey and a black lace lined in a contrasting cream. Although it has a sheer quality, the lining gives it a little more substance. I love mixing it up with different colored linings that offer woman a more wearable quality to a fun trend as most of us just aren’t daring enough to wear the sheer alone. Since I’m really curvy, I just couldn’t pull off the all sheer effect and a fitted skirt definitely slimmed me out compared to fuller styles. Again the length was important. To short and it just didn’t work with my figure type but anywhere from 1 inch above the knee to 2 1/2″ above the knee made me the most comfortable for this time of year. If your more petite you could definitely go shorter but only if your thighs are slender. Be careful of lengths hitting vertically across the widest part of your legs. It’s never good. (Shop Lace Skirts)

Flirty sexy black skirtsFLIRT SKIRT
Flared skirts offer that flirty playfulness to any outfit. Even if you wear tights, they are fun to wear with sweaters, crop jackets or even cute fitted shirts. My rule with flared styles is to keep the top more fitted and add a belt to accentuate the waist line and add balance. To much flare everywhere can be a bad thing. (Shop Ballet Skirt )

Black lace border skirts holiday looksLACE BORDERS
I love lace details on pretty much anything but that little touch of delicate scalloping on a skirt looks fabulous. It’s so sexy and sophisticated adding a touch of feminine glamor to any outfit. Lace bordered skirts can be tricky because the pattern runs horizontally so to keep the skirt and look to one color and consider adding a shot of color with your accessories. I love the look of all back with a bright statement necklace. It’s young yet still sophisticated. One other thing worth mentioning was to look for longer slimming pencil silhouettes so the border hits just above the knee. It’s the most flattering spot on a woman and will make you appear taller. (Shop the Adeline Lace Border Skirt)

I hope you enjoyed the looks everyone. All the skirts were pulled from my latest collection at BlondiBeachwear.com . If you have any questions or would like to see more pairings, leave me some feedback below. Have a happy holiday. – BLONDi

To order a custom skirt that’s just your size, contact me here.

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