BLONDi Beach City Spot: Cafe Europa

Cafe Europa Las Olas  5CAFE EUROPA
This past week I headed to Las Olas after a photo shoot for a much needed time out with friends and Cafe Europa was the perfect place. We hung out, had some wine and talked over cappuccino. The food is always amazing and I have enjoyed everything from their pizza to Paco’s fabulous Alfredo that he makes for me with no salt. LOL. Plus they have fresh Gelato. What else is there in life but a fun place with friendly people and good friends.

Cafe Europa Las Olas FlordiaFRIENDS
My friends are important to me because they share in my successes and sympathize in my disappointments but most of all just because…. It’s your true friends who love all the things about you, even those things that aren’t great. Loving relationships aren’t about what you can get from people, it’s about navigating life’s ups and downs with people you can count on. There is no greater reward than knowing that you have helped someone you care about reach for their dreams or climb out of a problem. IMG_6634

Cafe Europa Las Olas  4FASHION
My outfit was all about the skirt. I designed this skirt as part of a two piece set with a matching top but after the photo shoot, I decided to try the skirt with a casual sweater to see how it looked with different options from my closet. The skirt was so comfortable and I love the color.

Shop Bronze Skirt by Blondi Beachwear (here)
Sweater Ralph Lauren / Bag FENDi/ Watch Michelle/ Necklace Neiman Marcus/ Nails OPI “One Big Happy Fame-ily”


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