BLONDi Style: Little Black Dress Holiday Party Look

I’m already updating my Holiday Party side of my wardrobe by arranging outfits in my closet that I can pull for all the parties and events on my calendar this year. This is one of my favorites. If you don’t have a selection of amazing little black dresses in your wardrobe essentials, the Kelly Dress is a must have. I love this dress because the fabric is so comfortable and doesn’t wrinkle. The Stretch matte jersey hangs perfectly and moves with my body. If it’s cold, I can layer it with a fun black coat or a black leather jacket. For my accessories I paired it with a jeweled statement necklace that picks up the holiday seasonal glamor and a delicate gold glittery bracelet. Simple earrings are best when wearing a statement necklace so they don’t compete and a small to medium size clutch. Since my statement accessory is the necklace, I’m keeping everything else monochromatic black and just playing with textures with a pair of lace shoes.

Kelly Dress by Jackie’s Boutique Couture Collection for / Lace Shoes Neiman Marcus / Cascading Necklace from BCBG (one similar) / YSL black Clutch / BCBG Bracelet

This time of year is perfect to try a great Red lipstick and a dark smokey eye. I love this MAC combination. The eyes are done with a matte highlighting shade with layers of navy midnight and a green to add dimension. Black mascara and liner. Don’t forget to fill in your eye brows to lift and make your eyes pop even more.

Come check out the rest of my Holiday Party Board on Pinterest here.
Pinterest: Jax Couture Holiday
Pinterest: BLONDi Holiday Party


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