BLONDi Style Diary: Never Live In The Past


Wynwood Miami fashion District
The area we took the photographs in is called the Wynwood Miami Fashion District. For years the area has been run down and marked by destructive souls taking out their aggressions on it’s streets. It used to feel very repressed and a place you would avoid after dark. Much like the years this area experienced, I have recently had a devastating event in my life. When I turned to a friend for help, she came to my aid and taught me something very important that I had forgotten. She reminded me to take the lessons learned and use them to move forward. It was an empowering day when I made the decision to make a change and shift my energy. You see, once I learned to let go of what has happened in the past, I felt rejuvenated and ready to accept change.  If you keep reliving negative memories, your wounds will never heal. Instead change your minds channel and discipline yourself to think forward instead of backwards. Wynwood is a great example as well because people who loved the area, chose to embrace the local culture and transform it’s chaos into beautiful works of art by organizing these wonderful mural projects. Now instead of the graffiti being destructive, it’s created a place where we can all be inspired to move forward.Wynwood Miami fashion District
Think of your life as a revolving door. If you stay in that door you’ll go around in circles forever but if you let go of the door and pass through it, you will be able to have a future.

Wynwood Miami fashion District
There is a morning period that we are allowed to take but it’s important that you don’t stay in that place to long. Excessive morning is never a good choice: feeling sorry for yourself, being angry, missing someone you’ve lost, heartbreak, holding onto regret, you must trust yourself and make the effort to move forward. It takes a strong will to press on knowing that your future is greater than the past. Just like this area in Miami is moving forward, so should we all.


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