Blondi Style Diary: Casual Elegance

Black_casual_top_fashionCASUAL STYLE
There are some days that a black outfit with just the right fit just works for everything. I can wear this look day or night depending on how it’s styled. For a casual weekend look, I just paired it with some fun earrings, for work you could use this outfit as a base and layer on a blazer and tights and for evening a fun sequin jacket or sheer blouse and belt would take you anywhere.

Blondi_Beachwear_Ruched top  and skirtWARDROBE ESSENTIALS
Every woman needs essential pieces that fit well to reach for when you don’t want to think about what your wearing. I find that both of these pieces fit that description for me. The top is just so well fitting and the ruched sides always make me feel thinner. The skirt is a special stretch double weigh material that really holds you in. I love that it’s like having a spanx built in except alot more comfortable.

I usually select wardrobe essentials in neutrals and black. That would be cream, tan, white, winter white, brown, buff and several shades of grey. I look for great fitting pants and skirts in stretch fabrics. I also like fitted tops with no more than one design element and jackets that can easily transition from dressy casual to evening. Those are great basic rules to follow.

OUTFIT: Ruched Jersey Top $48 / Double lined Slimming Skirt $64 both by / Sunglasses Ralph Lauren / Earrings Neiman Marcus/ Bracelet Tifffany / Shoes Steve Madden
BEAUTY: MAC / Nails Revlon

Double_Slimming_SkirtWhat are your wardrobe essentials?


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