Blondi Style Diary: Fabric Shopping in Miami

Style_diary_Designer_blogger_miami_jacqueline_jax{Dress and top by Shoes Franko Sarto /necklace Dior/ Bracelet Tiffany}

One of the things I really enjoy doing is shopping for fabrics. For me the design process really does start here. Sometimes a pattern or a color will inspire you. It can turn into one item you wish to wear or a full collection of designs that you fall in love with.
Style_diary_Fashion_Designer_blogger.1PRINTS AND COLORS
I wear alot of different things but prints and bold colors are really my passion. Woman always look better in these choices. Sometimes I’ll try on a few designs and take photo’s to really see how I look in them and when I put on the print outfit or just the right shade of a vivid hue… That’s it! It fixes everything: my flaws, my missing tan and even the fact that I didn’t sleep well the night before. There really is nothing like a great fabric to change your mood.

Style_diary_Designer_blogger.2SHOPPING DAY
Most woman get excited about going to the mall but I’m most excited walking around a fabric warehouse. The possibilities are endless and I get a renewed energy for my design. With scissors in my hand and my little friend, Valentine along for the ride, we walk through rows and rows of bolt stacks to find something that has just the right shade, stretch and touch. He loves to come with and look around. He’s so curious and every day that I have with him is a blessing.

New samples were also ready for me to look at so I stopped into one of my suppliers to look at what they had for me. Hummm.. So many beautiful styles.. What should I choose? Take a look at what just came in on the web site:

After a long day it’s time to meet up with friends before heading back with all my fabulous finds. This interesting place is called Wynwood Walls. It’s in the design district and stands as a really inspirational spot where artists can breath. Talented mural and graffiti artists from all over the world have come here to create this amazing space.
Find out more about it on my post : Blondi Beach City Spot


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