Kauai Floral: What is BLONDi Sexy?

So what is BLONDi Sexy?
Definition: BLONDi Sexy comes from within, it’s a level of confidence you feel when your healthy, happy and living your life to it’s fullest. A woman who smiles is a sexy woman, so get BLONDi Sexy today.

Kauai_halterBra_string - Version 2
The Kauai Floral Print Swimwear Separates have arrived.
(Above) Halter Bra top/ String side bottom/ Trikini top (Below)
Mix and match your swimwear separates for a combination that’s just your style!

Cozumel_print_flirt_skirt_cKauai Floral Flirt Skirt Coverup
The perfect compliment to your swimsuit set. Water wearable skirts can be worn with a cami for a beach walk or get wet in the pool.



Comments from Readers:

Peter McInroe Oh hell yeh my friend and imagination is better LOL Nice my friend
Kevin Krohn Definitely NOT you ! You look sexy in a trench coat ! Leather of course !
John Taffoni I agree that first you must feel confident within yourself before you can exspress it with how you carry yourself visually. With that said you, in my opinion look the best in that black dress. Blonde on black. What do you feel your sexyest in? And I ask this in good taste, as I feel a womens power is in her hair, a dress and personality.
Jacqueline Jax I totally feel sexier in the black dress. I’m actually not a huge fan of taking swimsuit photo’s. It’s not at the top of my comfort zone. But I really love the swimsuit. LoL

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