BLONDi Style Diary: Body Shaper Dress Fashion Inspired

Body_slimmer_dress__look_loWhen you can make a woman feel beautiful, she will forever be faithful to you. Fashion inspires us to live different lives, it is the maker of dreams and the designers are our creators of fantasy. Each season we look to them to be inspired. And just when you thought yesterday’s style was your signature, there comes along another story to be told. The wonderful thing about today’s modern, uninhibited fashion era, is that we are valuing personal style and self-expression more now than ever before.


Inspiration Behind The Dress
The designer cocktail dress I’m wearing is called the Body Shaper because it’s special design makes you look two dress sizes smaller than you are. The fabric is a stretch lycra with a satin finish. I am in love with this design from my collection and I have plans to release it in all colors. When I first put this on, I felt strong, confident, and secure. It’s like a magical cocoon that blankets you and makes you feel cared for. Who would have thought a little black dress could move mountains of emotion.

The Body Shaper Dress by
At this time, you can only order it by special request. Contact me directly with your sizes for ordering. (here)
Bag: Yany black sequin and chain from Neiman Marcus (old)
Shoes: Gianni Bini
Belt: Vintage
Jewelry: Tiffany Bracelet , Sapphire ring and Vi Hoop in silver with crystals (Swarovski : same here)

BEAUTY: (Also seen here)
Nails: Island Coral Sinful Colors
MAC Eyes: Stroke of Midnight Eye Collection in Nude
MAC Lips: Stroke of Midnight Lip Collection in Nude

Body_slimmer_dress_A_logoPhoto’s taken by Galia on Las Olas Blvd- Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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