Blondi Style Diary: Three Things Every Swimwear Coverup Must Have

Blondi_beachwear_coverupsStyle_diary_Swimwear_coverupHave you ever been on vacation and felt like you didn’t bring the right things to wear? I’m here to help you keep your eye on the ball when it comes to preparing for that awesome cruise or vacation get-a-way. It’s important to be well dressed in pieces that flatter your figure type for those photo opportunities but also give you that freedom to just have fun without running back to the room to change every time your feel spontaneous. Today I’ve dedicated my Style Diary to identifying everything a coverup should be.

Here are the 3 things every cover-up should have:

1) Easy Style – Your swimsuit coverup must be able to transition from one occasion to another easily. For instance, typically you will be at the pool and want to get some lunch. A towel just won’t cut it, so the right swimsuit coverup can be thrown over your swimsuit to sit outside or indoors at any resort to have a nice lunch.
Another typical coverup situation is on the beach. Your coverups should allow you to effortlessly enjoy beach fun like a long beach walk and still be appropriate if you want to walk into explore a resort or check out any ocean side shops along a boardwalk you may come across. This coverup can be worn as a skirt or a dress giving you several options in a really pretty coverup design. (Montego Bay Convertible Dress/Skirt with halter top)

Jamaican_halter_dress4_logo(Skirt shown with matching halter from

2) Comfortable fit – a relaxed a comfortable fit is a must in any coverup. I like to design my COVERUPS with elastic or soft fabric waistbands that stretch and give with your body so you’ll be comfortable all day. The fit should be forgiving enough to weather the heat outdoors while still keeping you looking great. No one likes taking vacation photos wearing your mans old over sized tee around a nice resort or cruise.


3) Quick dry stretch fabric – materials that can get wet and dry really quickly are very important especially when your sitting for lunch or walking into air conditioning from the pool. It also important for the materials to be stretchy so they move with a woman’s body and in styles that you want to stay in all day long. On vacation you shouldn’t need to worry about what your wearing. You want to be able to enjoy your vacation without having to change a million times. This coverup fits as a strapless sundress or a halter style dress for anything that may pop up during your relaxing day. (Shown above worn as a skirt)

Jamaican_halter_dress2A_logoOn your vacation, your focus should be the memories your making. My BLONDi Girls are spontaneous and fun loving woman who plan ahead by bringing awesome vacationwear that will take them anywhere the mood moves them.

Jacqueline_Jax_jamaican_logo Now that you have my views on the 3 most important things a coverup should be, where are you planning to go? And what would be your idea of the perfect coverup? Leave me a comment below…
(Check out my fun collection of coverups here)


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Carlos Bucan

Wow !! incredible angel !!!!

2 hours ago

Isidro Ross beautiful woman & beautiful people
Norman Hill You make anything look good Jacqueline. Hello !!!
Carlos Bucan

beautiful angel !!

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