Blondi Style Diary: Teal Rocks

Sometimes I never know where my day will take me. My days are filled with hours designing clothing, meeting with private VIP clients who need to be fabulous and over seeing the development of new artist as they journey through the launch of their music careers. Boring is certainly not a word that describes me or my life in any way. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I even stood still long enough to say that word. Meeting Shattered Glass Playground was certainly not boring. I had a blast on the set with this really inspiring band. They have a unique look and a strong a sense of who they are. I loved that each member of the band is unique yet they all fit so well together. Like pieces of a puzzle, I could tell that they had found a way thru their creative and personal differences. Every once in a while you come across a band that is able to put aside their personal issues for the greater good. Like the band itself it the god they worship and that units their thoughts. If your a band and you can get that right, you have a real chance to do something very special with your artistic vision. You know all artistic people are very sensitive and need to feel supported by their team to heighten their creativity. Xoxo, JaxTeal_dress_st_john_J

Teal_dress_st_john_lookbookI’m wearing a new design from my collection. The dress is a sample, so at this point their is only one in this color until I test out the fabric and decide on the color. The dress is a fitted tank style cocktail dress that really hugs the silhouette making you feel like your wearing a body perfecting garment. I paired it with a St John Knit jacket from my personal collection. I live how the colors in the jacket compliment the dress. To keep the look fresh, I wore a playful shoe with gold accents in a shade of turquoise. Notice how the shoes are several shades lighter than the teal but still in a similar hue family. Check out my full collection here:

Teal Fitted Silhouette Dress (new designer sample)
St John knit jacket (my personal vintage collection)
Shoes: Gianni Bini (Macy’s)

Looking for style advise? or to Pre-order this dress… Contact me directly. (here)


Gold_lace_cocktail_dress2fashion look for less print dressCasual_work_lookbook_1

Comments from readers:

John Taffoni You have come a long way since we became freinds. You are and should be an example to all that hard work, talent and never giving up will pay off in pursuing your dreams. You have had your up’s and downs but stayed foucesd. To all who read this post , dont let the blonde hair fool you, she is sharp and on top of her game. Look out world! , here comes jax!
Peter Guzzardo No pics of you playing the drums? Nice dress BTW.
Jacqueline Jax Of coarse there’s a picture of me playing the drums.
Jaime Amaya You have an exciting life! Congratulations!
Jaime Amaya I wish you could get together with another designer expert…, Kariza Luiza!
Ron J Oliver so beautiful
Thomas N Carter I love it Jaqueline. You are a breath of fresh air. You bring me up when I am down. Even when I am not down-you still bring me up.
Tina Hayes I love the blue. It is a great alternative to the BBD, but still very easy to accessorize.
Jacqueline Jax Tina Hayes I agree. I’m happy to say we are almost sold out of the fabric so my BLONDi’s are liking it. We only made this one available on pre-sale to see if everyone liked the additional colors like Hot Pink or Teal.

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