Style Diary: Elements of Design

Fall_florals_dress_B-LOGOFashion Design has always been a passion of mine. Growing up with a Fashion Designing Mom, I have spent a lifetime around fabrics, sewing machines, showrooms and fit models. When I was old enough to reach the table top, my Mother sat me down on a sewing machine and taught me how to sew my name. She would make me sew it over and over until I could spell each letter perfectly in stitch. I remember falling asleep on bolts of pretty colored fabrics waiting for her to finish her day and showrooms filled with models trying on the latest samples for fittings. But one of my best memories was sitting next to my Mom as she sketched illustrations of new designs for her collection. I always wanted to help so when she would get up for something, I would take her drawing and color it in for her. LoL.. It didn’t take Mom long to get me my own set of drawing pencils and paper just to keep me from demolishing her drawings. She never got mad though. She would just look at me, smile and say that’s terrific. Thanks for helping me.Fall_florals_dress_lookbook_LOGOI still draw on paper often but lately I have been playing with electronic mediums like my ipad and the adobe app. It’s not easy to do but it sure does erase quickly. It’s nice to have sketches when you’re thinking of a new idea. Although I am a big cut fabric as I go kind-a girl, it’s more realistic to work out the details in drawings before hand, scissors and fabric meet. Fall_florals_dress_C_LOGOFall_florals_dress_A_LOGO

The dress I’m wearing is a really terrific print because the colors work with so many things. I can add sweaters and jackets in neutral hues to it for work and then wear it out to dinner if I’m meeting friends after work. I designed this dress in my signature stretch matte jersey fabric that I always love working with. It’s the most comfortable fabric a woman could ever own. I actually design my whole line in it from skirts to dresses to swimsuit coverups. There is nothing like a stretch print material to flatter a woman’s shape and slim out the silhouette. Check out my full collection here: BlondiBeachwear.comFall_florals_dress_look_2_LOGOEasy Fall Florals in simple silhouettes will offer you limitless wardrobe options while still giving your style a feminine touch. Notice that this neutral cotton blazer adds that work element to the style effortlessly with minimum accessories. Little accents offer interesting details such as ruched sleeves and a notched collar. I also chose a fitted, shorter cropped style jacket because it doesn’t weigh down my look to much. If the jacket is to boxy or to long, it will make the outfit look dated and take away from the clean lines adding extra pounds to my already curvy shape. Keep your look young and fresh by choosing smaller prints and mix them with solid modern separates.

Green Blossom Dress (See this fabric in other designs here)
(this dress sold out but here is one similar)
Cotton Cropped Jacket (old)

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Gold_lace_cocktail_dress2fashion look for less print dressCasual_work_lookbook_1

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Joe Haynes great job ………….. caring on the family torch !

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