City Spot: {Ocean Manor} Breakfast On The Beach

Blondi_beach_ocean_manorEveryone is always telling me to find little ways to unplug several times a day in order to avoid stress. I have to say, in pursuit of these get-a-way moments, I have enjoyed the exploration just as much as the destinations. Seeking out hot spots in my city has not only encouraged me to relax, I find that I look forward to it. Today, I found a really pretty place to have breakfast right on the beach while reviewing my email. In Fort Lauderdale, there is a stretch of beach called the Galt Ocean Mile and right in the center of this beautiful timeless private beach is a boutique hotel called Ocean Manor. Sitting under their Tiki hut, I enjoyed a Starbucks cafe Latte and blueberry pancakes. (My favorite) It was so peaceful when I was there. I recommend going around 7 or 8 am when it’s cooler and quiet. I met these really sweet ladies visiting from Northern Florida enjoying a relaxing morning swimming in the Ocean, getting some sun and chatting over ice coffee. I have to say, I felt so lucky to have found this peaceful place to sit back and take in the beautiful Florida weather. What better way to start the day, than with a little Florida sunshine and gorgeous ocean view. Xoxo, Blondi
Ocean_manor_beach_jasmineHave you ever seen these flowers before? They are called Salt Water Jasmine and unique because they flourish on the ocean. Plants like these are sprayed with salt water from seedlings to acclimate them to exist on the ocean front. They caught my eye, the color really is amazing.breakfast_beach_fort_lauderdale_ocean_manor Hotel Website:

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** I love to visit new places every week so If you have a restaurant or chill spot you would like to suggest in South Florida, contact me here.


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