Style Diary: Fresh, Young and Luscious

I know you may be thinking that white is typically not a Fall favorite, but I’m hear to tell you that the old rules don’t apply these days. A white jacket can be a wardrobe essential as we transition our summer wardrobes into pre-fall luscious looks. A crisp white jacket with interesting details makes a fresh statement with just about any bold skirt or pant choice. I’m showing you one way that I like to keep my look classic yet youthful by pairing it with a matching top and a bright skirt in the color of the moment. Because my look is clean and simple, I was able to wear a pair of my favorite new shoes for fall. These shoes has fun elements that reflect my playful personality, yet still add that powerful trend to the look. I can wear this look for work, weekends or even afternoon parties.
White Jacket Neiman Marcus,
Ruched Top And Green Jersey Skirt
Shoes: Gianni, Watch Michelle, Sunglasses Cat Eye


Miami_rain_print_sundressCity Spot Jax Blondi Beach dining artwhite_maxi_skirt_3

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