City Spot: Jacqueline Jax at the Golden Lyon and Lobster Bar

Lobster_bar_Jax_city_spot_BJacqueline Jax with Niko (Manager Owner Lobster Bar)

All week long we work hard to focus on our careers and building up our strengths, but when the weekend comes, it’s time to enjoy some down time with friends and family. This past weekend, I enjoyed a night on Las Olas trying out two really fun places.
Lobster_bar_Jax_city_spot_FGolden LyonCoffee at the Golden Lyon

To start we met for coffee and a champagne toast at the Golden Lyon in the Riverside Hotel.  Situated in the heart of Las Olas, this adorable little bar was perfect for getting together with friends. It’s intimate setting adds charm to small gatherings or if you just want to drop by for a cocktail after work or before dinner.


Later in the evening we moved our gathering to the newly opened Lobster Bar. I’ve heard from several people that it has been packed every night and weekends are booked 2 weeks in advance. Luckily the owner, and his handsome son, Niko, welcomed us with smiles and helped us find a comfortable place to enjoy the atmosphere, take some photos and try a few samplers with our champagne.


The decor is stunning with an impressive Lobster bar sitting directly in the center of the restaurant keeping fresh fish and lobster on ice ready for the hungry crowd of Fort lauderdale’s finest to enjoy. By 8pm the place was packed and all the tables were full with a steady stream of smiling faces arriving well into the evening. You’ll have to make a reservation in advance if you want to try this hot spot on the weekend, but I’m told that Mondays and Tuesdays are a little easier to get seating. Xoxo, Jax


OUTFIT: Jacqueline’s Blue Dress from

** We love to visit new places every week so If you have a restaurant or chill spot you would love to have reviewed for our City Spot, contact us here.


tokyo_blueCity Spot Jax Blondi Beach dining artStyle_diary_white_halter_to

Ron J Oliver : OMG Jacqueline, you look so, so, so beautiful in that blue dress. What amazing looking woman you are. All I can say is WOW!!!

Angela Ivie Waldman : And you won’t meet a classier lady.

Ron J Oliver : O I totally agree with you there Angela. I haven’t had the pleasure in meeting her in person but I know I would just be so amazed in doing so. It would be a huge pleasure meeting Jacqueline in person.

Dorihlyn Grace : Lowham Love the color on you Jacquie!

Jacqueline Jax : Thank you for the sweet replies everyone. You are all wonderful friends and even though I haven’t spoken with some of you in person, you are all a dear part of my life and I’m proud to know you. Xoxo.

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