Blondi Style Diary: Wild at Heart

Gold print casual blousestyle_diary_jax_casual_topsIMG_0452

Every girl loves to feel free. It’s no fun being locked in a cage and told what to do all the time. In fact, if you want to hold on to your woman, you have to learn how to make her feel sexy, appreciated, desired and trusted. When given her freedom, she will always come back to the one who loves her most. You just have to realize that every girl is wild at heart. But to capture her heart she must be allowed to roam free. Xoxo, Blondi

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Miami_rain_print_sundressCity Spot Jax Blondi Beach dining artwhite_maxi_skirt_3Comments from readers:

Mark Burnam Two thumbs up from The Second Half Team!
Gilman Marc Long Stunningly beautiful, with all do respect.

Jacques Varicourt The world you Jacqueline.

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