Jax on Weekend Getaways

Jacqueline_jax_sundressAs cruise season is nearing and the kids are back in school, I’ve been thinking of ways to simplify your weekend getaways. The focus is always on what to bring with you. You don’t want to bring to much but if you don’t have the right pieces with you then you won’t  be comfortable. For me, I like to be inspired by my wardrobe but very comfortable so I choose pieces that work well together for the most pairing possibilities but are in very comfortable stretch fabrics that will move with me no matter what I’m doing.

Picture7Full coverage halter bra & Moderate coverage bottom:
Lets start with the swimsuit. I chose this beautiful green Hawaiian print. The color is fun and the style isn’t hard to wear. Since, I do a lot of exploring on the weekends I wanted to feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit that I’m not fixing as I walk around and that will also be style appropriate no matter who’s around. Plus this fabric has amazing coverup options which brings me to my next choice.

Picture6I’m taking a convertible dress along with me because its one of the most versatile things to have. I can throw it over my swimsuit as a strapless dress or wearing it on my waist as a skirt. Then for lunch or what ever comes up, I have a dress with me to wear during the day that is perfect for pretty much anything I may be doing. One thing I don’t like, is the inconvenience of having to run back to the room to change constantly. I like to just be spontaneous. I designed this coverup to keep you looking great on those spontaneous moments.

Picture8A skirt is always handy to have on the weekends. I love this long jersey style so my legs can be covered if I’m inside the hotel for lunch or a casual dinner. You can pair this with a simple tee or cami and bring a cardigan with you for those chilly breezes. Your long jersey skirt will take you from breakfast to a walk on the beach to a casual diner. It’s my most favorite piece to take with me on any vacation. One more thing, I have even worn this as a strapless midi length dress with a cardigan over my shoulders. Try it.

Picture9Finally a little cocktail dress finishes off my weekend list. On weekend getaways you typically have one casual diner and one special evening out so a cocktails dress is necessary. I love this twist front dress because it travels so well and is by far the most comfortable dress I have ever designed and owned. I make it in all colors but am recommending the LBD (little black dress) for a romantic evening of dining, dancing and hopefully a moonlight stroll with your honey.

Have a wonderful weekend getaway. Send me pictures.
Xoxo, Jax


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